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Korg 05R/W - AI² Synthesis Module

a classic '90s Korg workhorse half-rack sound module

Korg 05R/W front

Features and specifications:
  • Korg AI² Synthesis System (wavetable, full digital processing)
  • 6 Mbyte PCM ROM containing 340 multi-sampled waveforms and 164 drum sounds
  • 236 Programs (100 RAM incl. 2 drum kits, 136 ROM incl. 8 drum kits), 100 Combis (RAM)
  • 16-part multitimbral, GM compatible multi-mode
  • polyphony: 32 voices, 32 oscillators (single mode); 16 voices, 32 oscillators (double mode)
  • two digital multi-effect systems (choice of 47 effects for each)
  • half rack size, 1U sound module, 218x241.5x45mm (WxDxH), 1.1 kg weight
  • LCD display: 2 lines x 16 characters with backlight
  • power: DC 12V 400mA, external AC adaptor, internal 3V lithium CR2032 backup battery
  • 6.5mm L/MONO+R jack outputs, 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, MIDI In+Out+Thru
  • RS232 PC/Mac connection, Mini DIN 8-pin, 31.25/38.4 Kbit/s async 8N1
  • release year: 1993
The Korg 05R/W is a compact wavetable synth module that was quite popular in the '90s, due the fact that it provided a convenient and affordable way to get hold of the great Korg AI² wavetable synth engine (made famous first by the classic Korg M1) with an excellent range of preset sounds (both normal programs and the rich multilayered Korg combinations), combined with 2 very good integrated effect processors and the possibility to create your own custom sounds.
Even today the Korg 05R/W still sounds great and can therefore be a very useful addition to the now ubiquous software synths.

Rosegarden device definition file for the Korg 05R/W: Korg-05RW.rgd
(file size: 5477 bytes, file md5sum: 55c81687de5128b8c8d46b5d62ea5b67)

Once you have installed Rosegarden, place the downloaded 'rgd' file into the following directory:
To use it, open the 'Studio|Manage Midi Devices' window and import the file for the appropiate Midi play device. If necessary, read the Rosegarden manual for more information about how to do this.

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